The perfect thoughtful gift for a birthday/christmas/mothers day or just because.


Simply email a photo(s) of what you would like drawn to our email address prior to placing an order, along with your name and the date you require the illustration for.


*Specialising in animals and people*


T's & C's

  • Please state if you do NOT want your illustration used for marketing purposes (posted on our instagram page) please note the illustration will not be posted on social media before the date you have stated it is for, to avoid any surprises being ruined.
  • Send a CLEAR photo of what you want. The background will not be drawn in the illustration unless something particular is requested.
  • If the photo is deemed too blurry/dark or unsuitable it will be refused. 
  • The photo will be copied as it is, I can however combine two seperate photos of people/animals and draw them on one page only if I think it will work. (If the postitioning and distance from the camera of each individual will work together)
  • I do not claim for any illustration to be perfect, however I will try my best to achieve a great likeness to what is sent.
  • No refunds are available for any illustration purchases.

A5 Illustration